The sanctuary provides a beautiful and holy place to perform your wedding ceremony. For all your questions and answers, see the attached Wedding packet.

Frequently Asked Wedding Questions:

Q: Are non-members or those who do not attend LUMC able to be married at LUMC?
A: Yes, this is a decision of a pastor and requires consultation. Please fill out the wedding request form to see if we can accommodate your wedding.

Q: Can I use my own pastor?
A: This practice is discouraged unless your pastor is co-officiating the ceremony with one of the LUMC pastors.

Q: Can I bring my own organist?
A: The LUMC organist must be consulted and give approval for any other organist.

Q: Does the church have an aisle runner?
A: No, the church does not provide an aisle runner.

Q: Can I attach decorations to the pews?
A: Yes, as long as the pews are not damaged. Tape is not permitted on the walls or pews.

Q: Can I use rice or birdseed?
A: LUMC discourages the throwing of rice, birdseed or any other product that requires special clean–up.

Q: Are alcoholic beverages permitted?
A: No, alcoholic beverages and smoking are not permitted on church property.

Q: Is premarital counseling required?
A: Yes, preparation is important not only for the ceremony but also for the marriage. When you consult with the pastor, you can ask more about this requirement.

Q: What are the fees for a wedding?
A: Please contact the church office at or 216-226-8644


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