No matter your stage of life, Lakewood United Methodist Church has a ministry program for you. Children’s ministries begin at 12 weeks and continue to sixth grade when Youth Ministries begin. Adult Ministries come in many different forms from Sunday school classes to prayer and fellowship groups. LUMC also offers a wide-range of music ministries that nurture performers and audience members alike.
Membership at Lakewood United Methodist Church is about discipleship. At Lakewood UMC people do not need to be members to participate in the faith community. All activities, studies, worship services are open to everyone. We are striving as a church to be a place where people deepen their faith and join Jesus in ministry.

Membership is something that we grow into and it is okay if you are not yet at that commitment level. Membership is about a commitment to living as a disciple. It is about becoming a part of a team (the body of Christ) that is seeking to make a difference in the world by making disciples. Joining Lakewood United Methodist Church is the first step you can take in deepening your faith and growing as a disciple.

If you feel you are ready to take the next step toward membership please speak with one of the Pastors and we will guide you through the membership process.

At this informal gathering you will learn a little bit more about the Pastors, the ministries, and you will receive resources to understand where you personally are on your spiritual journey as well as talk about discipleship and membership. If following this gathering you wish to become a member of Lakewood United Methodist Church then we will give you the opportunity to make that commitment. You can plan for us to be together for about an hour and a half and childcare will be made available if needed.

  • Being part of the body of Christ
  • A life of worship
  • A life of hospitality
  • Becoming more like Jesus
  • A life opening to Jesus
  • A life obeying Jesus
  •  Joining Jesus in ministry
  • A life of generosity
  • A life of service


  • Searching for meaning
  • Exploring Christ’s way
  • Beginning new life in Christ
  • Deepening our walk in Christ
  • Centering all our life in Christ


The Discipleship Matrix below is a tool for churches and individuals to use to assess where they are on their spiritual journey based upon the above definition of a disciple and the identified phases of growth.

How to use the Discipleship Matrix:

Step One: In the first grid pick one of each color that best describes where you are in your faith journey.

Step Two: In the second grid find the statements you selected in their color coded category to see what phase of spiritual growth you are in for each area of discipleship

Step Three: Click here to take this survey

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