COVID-19 Information

February 2022 update: In light of the recent decline in COVID cases, hospitalizations and positivity rates, the Lakewood United Methodist Church COVID Task is cautiously optimistic. As restrictions in our area are lifted, the following guidelines will be implemented:

    • Effective immediately, groups using the church may serve beverages and food with the following restrictions in place
      • One person who is gloved and masked should be designated to serve the food
      • When not actively eating or drinking, participants should wear their masks
    • Effective March 1, masks will no longer be required, but recommended within the church building and at church activities.

The COVID Team includes: Lynda Carter, Kevin Cornell, Jenny Dieringer, Scott Ernst, Ralph Gates, Becky PattonShannon Lubas, Peggy Pennington, Kim Rice and Julie Stuneck

For more information on current church guidelines see:

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