LUMC Board of Trustees Building Improvements


The LUMC Board of Trustees are pleased to announce improvements to the church building and grounds. No General Operating monies were used for these projects and we hope to continue to make other capital improvements to our wonderful church and building.

Doors, Roof Repairs & Meeting Tent

  • Replacement of the exterior Boiler Room Door and the Outside Closet Door. These upgrades will keep out pests and protect inside equipment from damage
  • Replacement of 25 cupola roof slates and repair of the vent boot and flashing. Roof maintenance helps eliminate future problems and ensures the safety and well being of our wonderful building
  • Installation of a 10’ x 30’ tent will be set up in the Detroit Parking Lot from the end of May through the end of September. This semi-permanent tent will be another creative way to use the space at LUMC for Community Meals, Children’s Ministry on Sunday, Youth Group Meetings, Support Group Meetings and other outdoor socially distanced gatherings

Front Yard Landscape & Hardscape Renovation

  • Removal of the old landscape ties and construction of a stone retaining wall that will surround the front and side perimeters of the yard.  A drainage system and grading of the yard along with new plantings and shrubs will also be added.  And a seating area will be incorporated into the design to make LUMC even more accessible and welcoming to the community.  Be sure to watch the transformation of the front yard as this project progresses.
  • Remaining front handrails coming off the Detroit sidewalk and parking lot will be replaced to match the Sanctuary Step Handrails
  • Installation of a drop ceiling with new LED light fixtures in the main level hallway and in the Detroit Avenue entrance. This much needed improvement will brighten up the area and give the space a fresh and new look

Interior Improvements

  • Painting of the Lower Level hallways, stairwells and restrooms. This much needed improvement will brighten up the area and give the spaces a fresh, updated look
  • Vanity in the Women’s Restroom across from the Music Room will also be replaced
  • Installation of a water bottle filling station \water fountain. With the many challenges of a COVID-19 year, this improvement will ensure everyone’s safety and serve a secondary function when filling up water bottles

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