By: webmaster | April 06, 2015

Pray for the Guatemalan Mission Trip team as they serve the impoverished people of Cerro Alto by building a home, working in a health clinic, serving lunch at a school, helping at new orphange & constructing a new school class room & building wood stoves.

If technology and access allow, they will be blogging about their trip here. Follow their story and rejoice in their good works!

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By: webmaster | March 21, 2015

There is a word that most of us do not like.

Standing in line at a busy store we encounter that word.

Going to the doctor's office and sitting for hours until we see the doctor, we encounter that word.

When the doctor has to take some tests as we anticipate the results of the tests, we encounter that word.

When we have a conflict with a friend or loved one that is not resolved as quickly as we would like, we encounter that word.

When we pray and God answers in His time, we encounter that word.

"That word" is wait!


Join us this Sunday as we look at what Psalm 130 has to say about Waiting. 

Click on following link to read Psalm 130

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By: webmaster | March 14, 2015

If life were a road, it would be peppered with warning signs reading, "Blind curve ahead." Life happens. Life changes- health, relationships, employment, contribute the changes of our lives. How do we respond to such uncertainty? Do we grip the steering wheel with white-knuckle intensity and expect the worst? Or do we step on the accelerator and barrel straight ahead? How do we face the uncertainties of life without some measure of anxiety?

When we think of Psalm 23 many of us think of funerals/memorial services where we have heard this very familiar Psalm read.   This Sunday we invite you to join us as we look at Psalm 23 and what it may say for the anxiety we face in our everyday challenges that life brings our way. If you h...

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By: webmaster | March 09, 2015

"When Hearts Wander"

Psalm 95 

Drop everything and listen, listen as he speaks: 

     "Don't turn a deaf ear as in the Bitter Uprising, 

As on the day of the Wilderness Test, 

     when your ancestors turned and put me to the test.

For forty years they watched me at work among them, 

     as over and over they tried my patience.

And I was provoked-oh, was I provoked! 

     'Can't they keep their minds on God for five minutes?  

     Do they simply refuse to walk down my road?'

Exasperated, I exploded, 

     'They'll never get where they're headed, never be able to sit down and rest.'" 

Psalm 95 8-11 The Message 

Where do you find rest? What does rest look like to you? 

What prevents you from feeling rested? 

What happens to your Spirit ...

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By: webmaster | March 01, 2015

Life can sometimes seem like an uphill climb. When we are feeling helpless and hopeless, it is very hard for us to take our eyes off ourselves. Our conflict uses up all our energy. Affliction demands attention. But what happens when we look up? What would happen if we moved our focus from our problems to the power, presence, and peace of God?  

Join us this Sunday as we look up. "I will lift up mine eyes unto the hills, from whence cometh my help. My help cometh from the LORD, which made heaven and earth." Psalms 121:1-2 During the Sundays of Lent at the Traditional service at 9:45 and at the Impact service at 11:05 we will be exploring the Psalms in our sermon series, "Help for the Troubled Spirits." 

This week we will be...

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