The mission of Lakewood United Methodist Church 

is to help people intentionally grow in their faith and to share the love of Jesus Christ with others

 Wherever you are in your faith journey we have a place for you.

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A disciple is a follower of Jesus Christ for life who is committed to: 

     Being part of the body of Christ 

          A life of worship

          A life of hospitality 

     Becoming more like Jesus 

          A life opening to Jesus 

          A life obeying Jesus 

     Joining Jesus in ministry 

          A life of generosity 

          A life of service

Phases of Discipleship 

Searching for meaning                                          

Exploring Christ’s way                                                        

Beginning new life in Christ                                              

Deepening our walk in Christ 

Centering all our life in Christ

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At LUMC, people do not need to be members to participate in the faith community. All activities, studies, and worship services are open to everyone. We are striving as a church to be a place where people deepen their faith and join Jesus in ministry. Membership is something that we grow into, and it is okay if you are not yet at that commitment level. Membership is about a commitment to living as a disciple. It is about becoming a part of a team (the body of Christ) that is seeking to make a difference in the world by making disciples. Joining Lakewood United Methodist Church is the first step you can take in deepening your faith and growing as a disciple.

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Our United Methodist Connection

LUMC is a Christian church in the United Methodist denomination. 

You can learn more about United Methodism at which has links to 

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How We Serve

UMC News

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The People of the United Methodist Church



Congratulations on your upcoming wedding! It is our prayer that your ceremony will be among the most joyous and memorable experiences for you and your family. It is fitting that a wedding ceremony be held within the church, and if Lakewood United Methodist Church can help make this time in your life memorable, then we will do our best.

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The sacrament of baptism is an expression of God’s love and grace. Baptisms at LUMC are administered annually on Mother’s and Father’s Day. The sacrament of baptism is also administered throughout the year as scheduled. 

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Our Facilities

If you would like to use any of our facilities including the gym, meeting space, community room, or sanctuary please contact the church office at or 216-226-8644